Gift Hampers Are Not Only For Christmas!

Life is good and it should thus be celebrated. What better way to celebrate the goodness of life by giving and receiving gifts? Many people normally struggle with the kind of gifts to give out. Well, let’s have a look at the following 10 occasions and the possibilities for gift hamper giving. You can select from a range of different gourmet hampers and drinks form most hamper websites such as

1. Funerals.
A sad occasion yes, but it is a celebration of a life well lived. The gifts should not be the ones that remind the bereaved of their loss but those that offer comfort and support. As much as there are tears, do not include tissue in the hamper. Include a sympathy card and food items like cookies, fruits and even homemade meals to be fed to those who come to console the bereaved.

2. Birthdays
Turning a year older is no mean feat. The gifts should consider the personality of the person, the changes they have made since the last birthday, age as well as the gender. Include cake, chocolate, wine, cigars for a person who fancies them as well as a card. Jewelry for ladies, cufflinks for men and toys for children are appropriate.

3. Mother’s / Father’s day
Parents are a blessing hence their being celebrated. Their tastes might change with age so be sure to include what they like. Men tend to go for cigars and alcohol while women can have chocolate, jewelry and beauty products.

4. Get well soon
Being confined in that hospital bed can be quite depressing. The sic need a bit of cheering and so the hamper should be able to brighten their day, A card wishing them a quick recovery, flowers, fruits, books, teddy bear and toys for children would be good.

5. Baby shower.
This is mostly a woman’s affair and the gifts are for the mom to be and the coming baby. The gourmet hamper could have books on raising a child or on baby names, Beauty products for the mother as well as a few items lie toys to be put in the baby’s nursery.

6. Bridal shower.
It’s the end of single hood and the girl needs to be reminded of this. Gift her with lingerie for the big night, scented soap, oils and perfume to her desired taste.

7. Thank you.
It’s good to appreciate others but it is really feels good to be appreciated. Depending on who the person is and what they are being appreciated on, gift them with a card, personalized gift item like a tea mug, jewelry and flowers would be appreciated.

8. Graduation.
End of schooling and the start of working to earn a living. Gift the person with a personalized congratulatory message on a wall hanging or cup, a diary etc.

9. Promotion
The gifts should befit the new role, title or even office that comes with the promotion. A new office could go with a potted plant, wine to drink that day as well as accompanying wine glasses.

10. Birth of a new baby
A happy occasion to usher in new life. The baby is the center of the occasion but we should not forget the mother who actually brought in the new life. The hamper could have birth announcement pillows, baby items like clothing, baby oils and toys to be put in the nursery. Congratulate the new mother with a card and luxury soap and oils to pamper herself with.

11. Christmas
Last but not least, the biggest gift giving time of all – you will have it made in the shade if you give out gourmet xmas hampers to all your friends.